About Us

Super Seed Hemp Foods is run by, Sydney based mum, Kids Permaculture Teacher and Hemp Enthusiast Anya Furrer.
After several years in the Sustainability Industry, I decided that working within the Hemp Foods Industry is the best way to create the positive future our children deserve.

Inspired by sustainable and ethical living and in celebration of the changes in Hemp Food legislation, I aim to promote and help grow the Australian Hemp Foods Industry.

Passionate about good food and healthy, wholesome living I am excited to bring you a growing range of 100% Australian Hemp Seed foods.

Based in Marrickville, Sydney, I believe that supporting small, local businesses is an important step of Australians reclaiming our economy, and I endeavor to utilise Australian businesses where ever possible

I am very excited to be part of the Australian Hemp Industry as it evolves, providing our country with sustainably sourced food, clothing, fuel and durable, versatile fibre.
The possibilities are truly incredible!

Thankyou for helping to support Australian farmers and producers and for allowing us to follow our dreams.

Welcome to the Hemp Revolution!
Super Seed Hemp Foods
94 Illawarra Rd
ABN: 214 673 420 72